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Flash Designer



Create animated, interactive web pages using Flash.

What does a Flash Designer do?

A Flash designer is a specialized web designer who creates animated content for web pages using Flash, a graphics program produced by Adobe. This program allows you to create interactive text, audio, video, and animation so that a user can interact with a website in captivating ways. Flash features are sought after by advertising firms, agencies, and many interactive websites.

As the name implies, you can use Flash to create snazzy, sophisticated, and visually dazzling websites with interactive features. However there are drawbacks to this program: Technical snags and loading time for web pages are frequently bemoaned as the downsides of Flash, so your skills as a Flash designer are more suited to some sites than others.

Designing with Adobe Flash generally isn’t something you just happen to fall into. Most Flash designers have worked in web design for years and are already highly capable and versatile in building content-rich websites. You should be fluent or very familiar with HTML and CSS already (CSS being a style sheet language used to format HTML pages). Ideally, you’re also familiar with other programming languages like C or Java.

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