Flame Hardening Machine Setter

Set up flame-hardening machines for Flame-Hardening-Machine Operators.

What does a Flame Hardening Machine Setter do?

Sets up flame-hardening machines for FLAME-HARDENING-MACHINE OPERATORS according to metallurgical work order specifications, utilizing knowledge of heat-treating methods and metal properties: Positions fixture for holding workpiece and fastens fixture to machine, using wrenches. Mounts workpiece in fixture, on arbor, or between centers of machine. Estimates flame temperature and heating time cycle based on degree of hardness required and metal to be treated. Moves controls to light burners and adjust flame of oxyacetylene, propane, or other gas to prescribed temperature, judging temperature by flame color. Starts automatic feeding or rotating mechanism that moves part through hardening flame. Tests hardness of sample part [HARDNESS INSPECTOR]. Adjusts automatic feeding or rotating mechanism and flame temperature until sample parts meet specifications.