Flame Artist

Correct or add digital effects to a film using Flame software.

What does a Flame Artist do?

Many jobs get their names from the tools used to do them, and the job of a Flame Artist is no exception. A Flame Artist uses a computer program called Flame, along with several others, to modify a film or television show after the shooting is over.

When you’re a Flame Artist, clients typically pay you by the hour, and they want to make sure they’re getting the best value for their money. For that reason, you often work at the center of a large room full of executives who are all yelling out revisions and suggestions. While they’re talking, you tap away on your keyboard, trying to incorporate as many changes as possible to keep everyone happy.

In some films, you correct shot mistakes such as glare, improper colors, visible microphones, drooping wires, and lighting inconsistencies. In others, you add special effects such as fires, mythical creatures, soaring bands of color, or flying splatters of blood. Each item you add must fit in with all the others already on the film, so you must be precise.

When you’ve made the revisions, you play the piece of film again in the crowded room, and you take in more changes. You know the film quite well by this point, and you may toss out a few suggestions of your own to help the film look even better. When your work is complete, you save the film with a new file name. This allows you to remind your clients how the work looked when you received it, and how great it looks now.