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Flaker Operator

Tend drum-flaking machines that solidify chemical compounds.

What does a Flaker Operator do?

Tends drum-flaking machine that solidifies and converts chemical compounds into flakes preparatory to shipment or further processing: Pumps molten materials or concentrated solutions into feed pan of flaking machine. Moves rheostat and turns valves to regulate speed of revolving flaking drum and flow of coolant to control solidification and thickness of flakes scraped from drum by stationary blade, according to procedure. Scoops samples of flakes into container for laboratory moisture analysis. May dump flakes into bags or drums, weigh, and secure bags with stitching device, or seal drums. May tend auxiliary equipment, such as grinding mills, shaker screens, and loading conveyors. May be designated according to material flaked as Pitch Flaker; Potash Flaker; Soda Flaker.