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Manage construction zone traffic.

What does a Flagger do?

Flaggers work in teams to manage traffic on construction sites when lanes are closed down. You need to stand for long hours in all types of weather and know how to manage traffic effectively. To communicate with motorists, you use flags, signs, or signals to direct the vehicles in the right direction. Flaggers record the license plates of non-conforming drivers and report them to the police.

You follow safety rules and regulations by placing devices such as barricades and traffic cones. Flaggers warn the motoring public of redirected traffic due to the ongoing construction work and conduct routine equipment maintenance checks. A keen awareness of safety hazards, traffic problems, basic road repair, and maintenance tasks is required to succeed at the job. Maintenance of up-to-date records helps you stay organized, and you are expected to respond to emergencies when required.

A high school diploma or graduate degree is a necessity, and you will also receive on the job training. Physical fitness to work under exerting conditions is a must. Effective communication skills and a passion for teamwork are typically non-negotiable requirements.