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Fixture Maker

Set up and operate metal-working machines to machine workpieces.

What does a Fixture Maker do?

Sets up and operates metal-working machines to machine workpieces, and fabricate electrical lighting fixture prototypes, such as floor and wall lamps and hanging fixtures, according to specifications: Examines drawings or blueprints to ascertain number and finished dimensions of parts required. Sets up and operates lathes to spin [SPINNER, HYDRAULIC] or turn [ENGINE-LATHE SET-UP OPERATOR] ferrous or nonferrous metal, according to specifications. Cuts and shapes sheet metal [MACHINE OPERATOR I 616.380-018]. Heats and bends metal to shape fixture parts [ORNAMENTAL-METAL WORKER]. Verifies conformance of parts to specification, using rule, micrometer, square, and protractor. Solders, brazes, and welds parts, using welding and brazing equipment. Attaches glass parts, sockets, and wires to metal parts to form fixture, using handtools. May be designated according to type of fixture fabricated as Chandelier Maker.