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Fixed-Wing Aircraft Flight Engineer

Supervise instruments and diagnose or repair problems in-flight.

What does a Fixed-Wing Aircraft Flight Engineer do?

A Fixed-Wing Aircraft Flight Engineer is responsible for monitoring all aircraft systems, as well as operating a special panel during flight. As a Fixed-Wing Aircraft Flight Engineer, you’re there as an assistant to the Pilots, feeding them safety and flight information, and basically being their right-hand person.

Your duties for each flight include a before-and-after inspection of the aircraft with the Pilot or Copilot, as well as the continued supervision of the aircraft once in flight. You oversee all of the servicing and maintenance that goes into each aircraft and each flight, because it’s your responsibility as a Fixed-Wing Aircraft Flight Engineer to make sure that it’s a safe flight for you, the Pilots, and anyone or anything on board. You also make continual reports on the status of the aircraft, and record everything that’s going on concerning maintenance and repairs.

Some of the other routine duties you may be in charge of include overseeing the loading of cargo, planning the flight, monitoring all of the systems, keeping watch over all of the controls and instruments, and supervising refueling. If anything unexpected happens to the aircraft during the flight, it’s up to you to diagnose the problem and fix the situation. A large portion of your time is spent cross-checking what the Copilots are doing. You’re the last line of defense against misinformed decisions, so it’s up to you to catch anything that was not agreed upon between the Pilots and yourself.