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Fixed Income Manager



Help your clients manage low-risk and low-stress investments.

What does a Fixed Income Manager do?

Investors who like to experience the thrills and chills of the stock market may buy and sell stock at a rapid pace, shaking up the portfolio every day. Investors who prefer a less stressful life may invest in fixed income securities, where they put a specific amount of money in and get a specific amount of money out. A Fixed Income Manager monitors these sorts of investments.

Most Fixed Income Managers work with individual investors, but some also work with businesses and organizations. The techniques used to manage both groups are quite similar, but the amount of money that might change hands in a single day could vary dramatically, as most businesses have more money to invest than do private people.

As a Fixed Income Manager, you begin by meeting with new clients to discuss their investment options. In these meetings, you outline how investments work, and you detail how much money the client must invest in order to get a specific amount of money back. Some clients need help determining how much money they need each month, and you help them come up with a figure.

When the clients agree to move forward, you communicate with your company’s Traders and ask them to make purchases for your clients. Then, you enter the purchase into your company’s system and set up payments for your clients.

Periodically, you work with Administrative Assistants to pull together reports for your investors, detailing where their money is invested and how much they can expect to receive in the coming months. These reports can also make great marketing tools as you look for new clients. Sometimes, you send customized reports to potential investors, enticing them to trust you with their money.

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