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Fittings Finisher

Operate lathes to form lead plumbing fittings.

What does a Fittings Finisher do?

Operates lathe to form lead plumbing fittings to specified shape and diameter: Mounts lead pipe over mandrel on lathe. Starts lathe and presses special handtool against end of pipe, or turns handwheel to advance turret on which special tools are mounted to stretch and bend pipe against rounded end of mandrel to form traps of various sizes. Reduces or expands diameter of lead pipe openings by holding tool against outside or inside surface of rotating pipe. Inserts iron ring inside of expanded pipe or outside of reduced pipe. Rolls edge of pipe end over ring to hold it in place. May solder brass ferrule over end of lead bend to seal junction. May heat threaded brass ring and press reduced opening of pipe over ring to fuse them.