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Fit and assemble structural frameworks and housings from materials.

What does a Fitter do?

Fits and assembles structural frameworks and housings from materials, such as angle iron, I-beams, and plate steel, using handtools and welding equipment and following blueprint specifications: Examines blueprints and materials list to obtain parts specifications. Lays out parts dimensions on worktable, using square, chalk line, and soapstone. Tack-welds scrap metal to outline to provide jig for assembly. Positions parts in jig and files, chisels, and grinds parts, as indicated, to fit them together. May heat parts with acetylene torch and bend them in vise, on anvil, or around stakes mounted in table. Tack-welds fitted parts together or directs FITTER HELPER to tack-weld parts. May heat parts with acetylene torch and dip parts in cyanide bath to harden. Periodically compares dimensions of assembly to blueprint specifications, using square, rule, and calipers. Works to tolerances of .0625 inch. May anneal parts with acetylene torch to remove stresses of welding. May fasten parts together with acetylene torch and brazing rod.

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