Fitter Helper

Assist Fitters I or Welder-Fitters.

What does a Fitter Helper do?

Assists FITTER I or WELDER-FITTER to position, align, and fit together fabricated plates, structural shapes, and weldments preparatory to assembly into structural fabricated products, performing following tasks: Holds, positions, and reads tape or rods to assist in layout. Places and moves blocking, braces, and jigs to hold parts. Hammers wedges and drift pins, and turns turnbuckles, using lever. Pulls pry bars to align parts. Grinds or chips rough edges, surplus weld, or scale, using portable grinder or airhammer. Positions and turns clamps, and bolts together butt straps or parts, using hand or power wrench. Performs any combination of incidental tasks, such as transporting tools, fixtures, and parts, assisting welders, bucking rivets, reaming holes, and sweeping area. May be known according to task performed as Lay-Out Helper. Performs other duties as described under HELPER Master Title.