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Fitness Model

Show off your toned physique for fitness photographers and artists.

What does a Fitness Model do?

Fitness Models are pros at exercising and eating right, as it’s their job to be the golden standard of fitness and nutrition. As a Fitness Model, you show off your body in fitness magazines, commercials, infomercials, TV programs, and more. The work can be glamorous, if a little sweaty at times, and the payoff is big. Not only can you make a great living as a Fitness Model, but you’re also essentially being paid to keep yourself extremely healthy and fit.

Most days start with some exercise, as being in tiptop shape is of the utmost importance to you. You’re able to do any exercise asked of you, and it isn’t too difficult either with your near encyclopedic knowledge of workout techniques. After eating a carefully thought-out and nutritious breakfast, you head out to your photo or television shoot.

The call time for a modeling shoot can be very early in the morning, and work can go late into the day, with many wardrobe and location changes. If this is the case, you skip the workout and focus on getting down a big breakfast, then it’s off to the shoot in time for hair and makeup. You should have a natural ease in front of the camera, as well as the ability to smile while working out. Directors want you to make it appear like the workout is challenging but doable, a simple enough task for a pro like you.