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Fitness Manager



Help clients achieve fitness goals while turning a profit for a gym.

What does a Fitness Manager do?

Fitness Managers combine their love for fitness and working out with their aptitude for business and management. If you like the idea of actually getting paid to work out, train others, and manage a business, you might want to consider becoming a Fitness Manager. You could work at a health club, sports club, or physical therapy center, overseeing employees and helping clients reach their fitness goals. To be good at being a Fitness Manager, you should enjoy exercising, appreciate healthy living, and like instructing others.

Being knowledgeable in first aid and CPR is beneficial, as the gym can be a dangerous place for people who don’t know how to use the equipment properly. In addition to helping gym patrons, you coach the sales team, helping them reach sales goals on the business side and client goals on the fitness side. You control all of the expenses and handle the moneymaking aspect as well – that’s where your keen business sense comes in. So if the business is doing poorly, it might reflect on your management, but if it’s doing well, you’re the one to thank.

You create the various classes that are offered at the fitness center, too, and you base your classes on whatever you think is appropriate and will generate income. Additionally, you’re in charge of hiring and firing employees, managing payroll and schedules, making sure that your employees are properly trained and certified, and seeing that they abide by all of the organization’s requirements. You spend a good amount of time in an office, pushing papers, so make sure you can handle the managerial side of your work.

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