Fitness Center Director

Oversee workers, equipment, and finances at a fitness center.

What does a Fitness Center Director do?

Lifting weights, sweating it out to the oldies in a dance class, Zumba, stair steppers, racquetball courts-fitness centers make it easy to find a workout opportunity. But it’s no easy task to pay the bills, keep the equipment maintained, offer a variety of classes day and night, and make sure the facility is safe and clean for customers. That’s where the Fitness Center Director comes in.

As a Fitness Center Director, you’re in charge of all those aspects and many more. Your main objective is to provide a welcoming environment for your customers.

That means keeping your equipment up to date and in tip-top shape. You attend trade shows to scout out the newest machines, and read trade journals so the newest dance craze doesn’t pass you by. In addition, you make sure all of the equipment, machines, and locker rooms are clean and sterile.

Your job as Fitness Center Director also puts you in charge of all personnel decisions. You hunt down qualified Personal Trainers, Aquatic Teachers, and certified Fitness Instructors, and hire front office help and Janitors as well. You conduct interviews, offer contracts, and evaluate and monitor all employees.

Of course, it takes a bundle of money to keep a fitness center afloat, so you’re constantly watching the bottom line. All purchases get your stamp of approval. In addition, you meet with bank officials to negotiate loans, seek out the best deal for equipment purchases, and approve advertising costs.