Fishing Vessel Captain

Command fishing vessel crews engaged in catching fishes.

What does a Fishing Vessel Captain do?

Commands fishing vessel crew engaged in catching fish and other marine life: Interviews, hires, and gives instructions to crew, and assigns crew to watches and quarters. Plots courses on navigation charts and computes positions, using standard navigation aids, such as compass, sextant, clock, radio fix, and navigation tables. Steers vessel and operates electronic equipment, such as radio, sonic depth finder, and radar. Directs fishing operations, using knowledge of fishing grounds and work load capacities of vessel and crew. Records daily activities in ship’s log. May purchase supplies and equipment for boat, such as food, fuel, webbing, rope, and cable. May tow and maneuver fish barges at cannery wharf. May contact buyers and make arrangements for sale of catch. May buy fish for resale and be designated Buy-Boat Operator, or haul fish from other fishing vessels to cannery and be designated Captain, Cannery Tender.