Fishing Rod Assembler

Assemble fishing rods from rod blanks.

What does a Fishing Rod Assembler do?

Assembles fishing rods from rod blanks, line guides, ferrules, handles, and reel seats: Heats rod cement over alcohol lamp and drip-melts it into ferrules, rod tip, and reel seat and handle socket. Presses ferrules, rod tip, and other parts onto rod blank while cement is hot and fluid. Aligns and spaces line guides on rod, and secures, using rod-winding-thread. Winds additional bands of rod-winding-thread at ends of rod tip and ferrules to strengthen and decorate rod. May apply varnish, lacquer, or shellac to rod and windings. May repair rods and replace tips, line guides, ferrules, and windings. May assemble kits of fishing rod parts.