Fishing Guide

Bring clients to the best fishing spots.

What does a Fishing Guide do?

As a Fishing Guide, you bring your charges to the best spots for landing “the big one.” You’re an expert at fishing, of course, but you also have a host of other skills. For starters, most Fishing Guides specialize in a certain type of fishing — fly-fishing, saltwater (marlins, etc.), and so on — although it’s not a rule.

You’re also well acquainted with a certain geographic location. That area can be as small or as large as you want. Many freshwater Fishing Guides operate out of small towns surrounded by wilderness, where there are many rivers and streams that they can bring their clients to.

Whichever territory you choose to operate in, you need to know how to get your clients there. This could mean going by car, truck, or boat, and often hiking on foot. Be prepared to guide people who might not be ready for a strenuous hike. You have to carry your own gear and maybe some extra supplies for your clients as well.

Knowing first aid and CPR is also a must. Many of the best rivers and streams are far from civilization. If an emergency happens, you’re often the only person capable of helping.

A good sense of humor and the ability to get along well with others are also vital. You’ll be hanging out with total strangers for hours or even days at a time, depending on the length of your engagement. You likely also have to help your clients get proper licensing and tags (as applicable) for the fish they want to catch, so a familiarity with local fish and game laws is a must.