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Catch fish with nets, traps, and drag-lines.

What does a Fisherman do?

This is one job that has changed little since antiquity. You have a net, you go out on the water, you catch fish, you bring them back. Sure, the tools have changed and evolved, but whether it’s ancient Greece or modern-day Alaska, the job is still the same.

The Fisherman is called upon to wage war against the sea itself to bring back its bounty for us on land to share. It’s hard, physical work, even with the technological advancements that modern boats enjoy, but for some, it’s the only life they’d choose.

Fishing boats range greatly in size, crew, and fishing style. If you’re willing to look hard, you can find the fishing setup that fits your desires.

Some ships leave every day and come home every night, fishing the shallow waters off the coast. Others are huge vessels that spend days or weeks at a time out at sea. Oysters, crabs, tuna, salmon-whatever fish you want to catch, there’s a crew somewhere that needs another Fisherman, and that Fisherman could be you.

Whichever type of vessel you end up on, you need to learn the ropes, literally. Modern fishing equipment includes massive nets, winches, pulleys, and other machines, all of which you need to know how to operate. Late-night watches are also required while out at sea.

Additionally, you need to know how to get along with your crewmates in close quarters. Especially if you’re going to be out at sea for long periods of time, no one can afford a personality clash or blowup. Long-haul fishing like this often happens only in seasons, which means you may want to supplement your income doing other jobs for the rest of the year.

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