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Fisheries Technician



Help monitor and maintain marine habitats to protect fish.

What does a Fisheries Technician do?

Fisheries Technicians preserve the habitats of marine life. As a Fisheries Technician, you protect and regulate the environments of fish and other water-dwelling creatures like shellfish and marine mammals.

At first, you might have to get over that fishy smell, but it comes with the territory. And the territory is one of the largest around. Fisheries, parks services, and Ecologist all over the world need the help of Fisheries Technicians to manage and protect their water. You spend a lot of time outdoors getting your hands dirty, sometimes even camping with a group for a while to visit an ecological site.

You accomplish your goal of preservation by monitoring the fish population, taking water samples, and planning and maintaining habitats. You look for irregularities in the water, such as a high pH level or an increased microorganism count. You collect data and analyze it, spotting correlations and spikes that could mean danger for creatures that depend on water for survival (and that means us, too). These are the factors that can lead to mass fish deaths, leaving the fishing industry depleted and the ecosystem unbalanced.

A large part of the world’s population depends on the fishing industry for jobs and food. So you make sure pollutants and erosion don’t threaten or destroy valuable water habitats.

It may seem like a small part of the ecosystem to preserve, but by keeping the waters safe and clean, you have a large, positive impact on the availability of renewable resources for fish and humans alike.

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