Fisheries Director

Manage the process of farming fish and other sea creatures for food.

What does a Fisheries Director do?

Although they’re called fisheries, these carefully monitored facilities actually farm not only salmon and trout but also other aquatic animals such as scallops, shrimp, crabs, crayfish, clams, and many others. Some of these animals are captured and raised in tanks while others are harvested or released into a more natural environment, with the goal of providing food or products to the world market or increasing populations.

The Fisheries Director is in charge of every aspect of the production. But as the Fisheries Director, you don’t do it alone. You hire Technicians, Managers, and other staff to care for the fish on a day-to-day basis. While the Fisheries Director supervises the activities, they provide food for the animals, watch for signs of disease, move animals from one tank to another as they grow, and schedule their release or shipment when they are large enough.

If a tank malfunctions, disease increases the death rate, or supplies run low due to delivery problems, you find solutions. You also work with researchers to learn more about fish, and find better ways to handle, breed, and treat them.

While it is the job of some of your employees to focus on the health and productivity of the fish, your holistic view encompasses the entire production. You receive updates and detailed activity logs, which you in turn use to create reports for investors, owners, and governmental entities. In addition, you ensure that the operation stays within budget and achieves the goals outlined in the business plan.