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Fish Roe Processor

Perform the tasks concerned with cannery processing of fish roes.

What does a Fish Roe Processor do?

Performs any combination of following tasks concerned with cannery processing of fish roe: Presses headless fish against work surface to ascertain sex of fish by presence or absence of milt. Inserts hand into body cavity of female fish, feels along ventral area of body to locate vent, and cups hand to remove viscera and egg skeins. Separates viscera and organs from egg skeins by hand. Discards viscera and organs and places egg skeins in baskets for weighing. Weighs baskets containing egg skeins, using scales, and records totals on tally sheets. Dumps basket of egg skeins on work surface, and examines egg skeins for imperfections, such as blood saturation, immature eggs, and torn membranes. Separates egg skeins, according to size and species of fish. Places acceptable egg skeins in containers for reweighing. Rinses containers of egg skeins with water, using water hose, and dips containers in mild saline solution to rinse egg skeins prior to brining. Works under direction of FISH ROE TECHNICIAN 522.384-010 to fill brining tanks, dump egg skeins into tanks, remove processed egg skeins, and pack egg skeins for shipment, following prescribed procedures. May slit underside of fish before removing egg skeins, using knife.