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Fish Farmer



Spawn and raise fishes for commercial purposes.

What does a Fish Farmer do?

Spawns and raises fish for commercial purposes: Strips eggs from female fish and places eggs in moist pans. Adds milt stripped from male fish to fertilize eggs. Fills hatchery trays with fertilized eggs and places trays in incubation troughs. Turns valves and places baffles in troughs to adjust volume, depth, velocity, and temperature of water. Transfers fingerlings to rearing ponds. Feeds high protein foods or cereal with vitamins and minerals to fingerlings to induce growth to size desired for commercial use. Arranges with buyers for sale of fish. Removes fish from pond, using dip net. Counts and weighs fish. Loads fish into tank truck, or dresses and packs in ice for shipment. May perform standard tests on water samples to determine oxygen content. May be designated according to kind of fish raised as Trout Farmer.

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