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Fish Culturist

Breed fish by creating ideal conditions.

What does a Fish Culturist do?

Fish Culturists are experts in all things fish. As a Fish Culturist, you know fish inside out and upside down-what they eat, how they reproduce, and what time they like their dinner. You’re book-smart about the animals, scouring libraries and consuming every particle of knowledge en route. But you’re also a talented researcher, and you spend a lot of time doing lab work. These two skills add up to the fact that you’re a Scientist, and fish are your focus.

The majority of Fish Culturists work at fish hatcheries. You use your skills to help fish lead healthier, more productive lives. This is done by collecting samples and evaluating the results. The cultures undergo microscopic exams, x-rays, and chemical tests to diagnose diseases and nutritional problems. This information is then used to improve conditions and/or treat illnesses.

Fish hatcheries trap, breed, and release fish. For your part in the process, you monitor health, clean tanks, take measurements such as water temperature and bacteria level, monitor behavior, and give tours to visitors at the facility. Sometimes you facilitate the breeding process by extracting, fertilizing, and incubating eggs. Then you monitor the hatching and rearing of fry (babies).

This job requires a lot of lab time. Luckily, some positions allow you to take your lab with you. For example, you could work on-site in the wilds of Alaska, a job that sees you in the field for months at a time. In larger and more remote facilities, you might even live at the facility.