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First Grade Teacher



Lead classes full of first grader students.

What does a First Grade Teacher do?

You always remember the name of your First Grade Teacher. It’s not just because they taught you your ABC’s, how to read your first sentence, or how to sit at a desk for more than five minutes at a time. First Grade Teachers usher new students into the rest of their academic careers. And if they introduce school in an exciting way, they can help students develop a lifelong interest in learning.

Because you’re in charge of so many wee ones, First Grade Teachers can’t be intimidated by a room of crying seven-year-olds. You’ll need that level head of yours with you 24/7, not to mention a sense of fun. Your main teaching subjects are pretty basic: reading and simple arithmetic like adding and subtracting. If you have a background in science, languages, or art (and even sometimes when you don’t) you might also lead classes in these areas. By creating a safe and welcoming classroom, you will also help students develop social skills.

Not all your time will be spent with the kiddies. Many of your work hours will be consumed with planning out lessons and short assignments. You’ll record and assess student progress, and may meet with other teachers to discuss specific students or curriculum. You’re in charge of communicating with parents about how their child is doing in school.

While this might sound like an exhausting position, it can also be one of the most gratifying. Each day, you get to play and interact with children, knowing that your work helps them learn and grow.

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