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Fireworks Maker



Pack gunpowder and coloring agents together to build fireworks.

What does a Fireworks Maker do?

A Fireworks Maker is a bit of a mad Scientist, adding a touch of sulfur to a bit of colored gunpowder to create magnificent packages of light and sound. The job of a Fireworks Maker requires creativity and attention to detail. The fireworks must be showy and beautiful, but they must also be safe for customers to handle.

As a Fireworks Maker, you may work from predetermined recipes, measuring and weighing your ingredients to match the formula. You may ignite a small portion of the ingredients to make sure the color is accurate. Once satisfied, you pack those ingredients into casings, and attach a fuse.

You may test a sample of your fireworks to make sure they light up properly and produce the sounds you’re looking for. While doing this, you wear protective gear so your eyebrows and eyelashes stay on your face instead of being singed away in an accident.

Alternatively, you may create new fireworks using your existing ingredients. You may tie several smaller fireworks together, for example, to create one large display. Or you may come up with something completely new using your own creative skills.

You document the supplies you buy and use, and keep your records in a safe and secure location. You may also fill out paperwork and provide it to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, so they can make sure nothing has been stolen from your facility. You may be required to show your records to state agencies as well.

To see the product of your hard work in action, you attend many fireworks shows, and you swell with pride each time the crowd cheers at your dazzling creation.

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