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Fireworks Display Specialist

Put on spectacular, but safe, fireworks shows.

What does a Fireworks Display Specialist do?

Fireworks fill the sky with light and color. The sound of “Ooh” and “Aah” fills the air. And it’s all thanks to the Fireworks Display Specialist. As a Fireworks Display Specialist, you develop fireworks displays and then make sure they go off as planned, with no safety hazards.

When you’re hired to work on a display, you talk to the Event Planners to determine how long the show will last and how much money they’re willing to spend on it. With this information, you develop a plan for the show, choosing different types of fireworks to make it really spectacular for the viewers. Then you purchase the fireworks.

Once you have your fireworks, you find a location to light them. You study weather reports and wind patterns to make sure you can light the fireworks safely without causing fire or injuries. You also help the Event Planners figure out where people should sit or stand to watch the show.

With all the details in place, you work with a crew to cordon off the area using barricades and sandbags. You attach the fireworks to scaffolding, and tie some firework fuses together so they can go off simultaneously. You make sure to place sandbags or barricades between the scaffolding sections so stray sparks from one set of fireworks don’t light the rest accidentally.

When it’s time to start the show, the Fireworks Display Specialist switches to Director mode. You notify your team when it’s time to light each fuse. Then at the end of the show, after spending most of your time looking up at the sky, you take a bow for a job well done. Your viewers may not see it, though, because they’ll be temporarily blinded by your dazzling work.