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Fire Medic



Rescue and treat fire victims.

What does a Fire Medic do?

The role of the Fire Medic merges two lifesaving fields into one fulfilling occupation. When you’re a Fire Medic, your skills as a Firefighter and your training as a Paramedic allow you to rescue survivors from a burning building, and perform emergency first-aid procedures until an ambulance arrives. Training to take on both roles means you can treat victims even if the regular Paramedic hasn’t arrived yet. In an emergency, every second counts.

Firefighting is your main responsibility as a Fire Medic, and you spend the majority of your work hours at the fire station. There, you clean and prepare equipment, and keep everything ready to go in case an alarm sounds. If it does, you and your crew grab your gear and race to the scene of the accident.

You work quickly to suppress the fire and evacuate the building. If a Paramedic team hasn’t arrived yet, you spring to action and treat injuries until the victims can be safely transported to a hospital. Injuries range from smoke inhalation to cuts and broken bones, all of which need immediate attention.

Duties in this merger of roles include driving the fire truck, directing other Firefighters, and also drawing blood, giving IVs, and administering medications. Each task is critical to stabilizing a victim’s health and protecting them from further injury.

Hiring a Fire Medic to cover the duties that might otherwise require two separate people not only saves your employer time and money, but more importantly, it also saves lives.

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