Fire Investigation Lieutenant

Investigate and analyze evidences of fires.

What does a Fire Investigation Lieutenant do?

Investigates and analyzes evidence of fires to determine causes and testifies as expert witness in court: Examines sites of fires and collects evidence to ascertain causes of fires, utilizing knowledge and experience in fire fighting and fire investigation techniques and equipment. Photographs fire damage and evidence of fire causes and stores evidence in vault. Questions persons reporting fires, FIRE FIGHTER, police, and others to obtain information. Compiles investigation results, determines probable causes of fire, and reports results to superiors. Cooperates with police and insurance companies to investigate reports of fires and stolen flammable materials. Swears out warrants for arrest of suspected arsonists. Gives testimony in court cases involving fires, suspected arson, and false fire alarms. Investigates false fire alarm in cooperation with police. Maintains records of convicted arsonists and arson suspects. Responds to calls from schools and parents to instruct children in dangers of fires.