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Fire Investigation Instructor

Teach students how to conduct fire investigations.

What does a Fire Investigation Instructor do?

You can identify all the common fire accelerants, like gasoline, and you have a knack for telling an accident from arson. Your track record helping Firefighters and Police Officers determine the cause of a fire, and whether or not it was done on purpose, makes you the ideal candidate to work as a Fire Investigation Instructor, teaching prospective Fire Investigators how to do what you do best.

In between your shifts as a Fire Investigator, you head to a classroom or training area and shift from working as a Detective to working as a Fire Investigation Instructor. Your students want to investigate fires as well, and in order to succeed, they need to understand safety precautions and know what crucial clues to look for at the scene of a possible crime.

Beyond the classroom comes real-world experience. As a Fire Investigation Instructor, you take your students out into the field to a real or staged scene of a fire. From there, you monitor their progress as they collect evidence, photograph the site, and create theories of what happened.

When your training course draws to a close, you grant certification to students who demonstrated all the necessary skills to work as a Fire Investigator. Some will specialize in arson cases while others may look into specialized fields such as vehicular fire investigation. Once they’ve left the nest of the classroom, it’s time for you to take on more students to ensure that your crew is never short-staffed.