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Fire Hose Curer

Tend steam-heating equipment that cure rubbers in jacketed fire hoses.

What does a Fire Hose Curer do?

Tends steam-heating equipment that cures rubber in jacketed firehose: Lifts precut lengths of specified rubber tubing and braided fabric hose jacket onto table. Dusts rubber tubing with soapstone to prevent tubing from sticking to jacket. Turns crank to wind tubing onto stock wheel. Aligns jacket with mechanical threading device and clamps threading fixture to end of rubber tubing. Starts winch that pulls tubing into jacket. Lifts and clamps ends of jacketed hose to fixtures on steam lines. Presses hose into curing cavities on table that hold hose in flattened position when curing. Observes gauges and turns valve to inject steam into hose at specified temperature and pressure for curing. Places cured hose on storage rack.