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Fire Equipment Inspector

Inspect, test, and repair conduits and fire-fighting equipment.

What does a Fire Equipment Inspector do?

Inspects, tests, and repairs conduits and fire-fighting equipment to secure property against fires: Turns valves to force water through lines to test them for leaks, breaks, and stoppage. Replaces and repairs defective sections of hoses and pipelines, using handtools. Inserts wire rod in hose of fire extinguishers to remove stoppages. Tests and cleans fire extinguishers and recharges them with solvents, sulfuric acid, carbon tetrachloride and chemicals [FIRE-EXTINGUISHER REPAIRER]. Maintains inventory of equipment and fills out inspection tags and reports. Reports unsatisfactory conditions to FIRE MARSHAL. May repair gas masks. May service and drive firetruck. May test for presence of gases, using gas scope or explosive meter.