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Fire Department Lieutenant



Oversee maintenance, trainings, and other activities at a fire station.

What does a Fire Department Lieutenant do?

Fire fighting is an honorable, well-respected, and rewarding job. That’s because you help save lives and property, educate the public, and provide aid to people in need. As a Fire Department Lieutenant, you take that list of responsibilities one step further by accepting the role of supervising your fellow Firefighters. This is a huge-but well-earned-task, as it requires you to have vast experience with fire fighting and a unique set of personal skills.

Your job as Fire Department Lieutenant means that you coordinate daily activities at the fire house. In between emergency calls, you organize and monitor maintenance of the equipment and trucks, chores around the fire station, and safety training sessions. You’re also in charge of training new employees and evaluating the staff’s performance. The Fire Department Lieutenant reports to the Fire Captain, so you need to be updated on news around you when he or she asks.

Educating the public is another responsibility of your position. You make presentations at public events, and visit classrooms to discuss fire safety. You also assist the public with child car seat installation, tours of the fire station, and life jacket check-outs.

While your supervisory role is always at the forefront, you’re still a Firefighter and an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). That means every time the alarm bell rings, you’re on the rig, too. In addition to fires and chemical spills, you respond to a variety of medical emergencies such as heart attacks, poisonings, and car accidents.

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