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Fire Chief



Manage a fire station.

What does a Fire Chief do?

Chiefs are leaders. Whether it is the Commander in Chief of a nation or military branch, the leader of a Native American tribe, or the highest ranking officer of the library, the Chief is the boss. In the world of fire safety, the Fire Chief is no exception. She is the leader of a fire house, and sometimes manages several concurrently.

As a Fire Chief, everyone looks to you for answers-from the Fire Fighter who share the firehouse kitchen with you, to the community leaders looking to enact new programs. Your leadership role as Fire Chief gives you ample opportunity to flex your Manager muscles through decisions about policies, procedures, and staffing. In addition, you’re in charge of making sure your Deputy Chief, Assistant Fire Chief, and Fire Fighters have the equipment and supplies they need.

While you use your fire knowledge and CEO-type role to manage the daily activities of the fire house, you’re also on sight when the fires break out. You’re an experienced Fire Fighter, so your role is to manage the teams in the field. You give orders, supervise efforts, and ensure the safety of your staff.

Outside of your responsibilities of managing budgets and expenses and meeting with city officials, you also educate the community about fire safety. In addition, you may also be called on to participate in fire inspections, formulate programs that focus on fire prevention, and respond to disaster relief efforts.

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