Fire Boss

Protect mine shafts by keeping explosive gases diluted or sealed off.

What does a Fire Boss do?

Because mining is dangerous, we need people to keep Miners safe. A Fire Boss is one of those people. The primary job of a Fire Boss is screening mines for the presence of dangerous gases, monitoring underground air quality to make sure it’s safe.

Mining is considered one of the world’s most dangerous professions. Despite the uncertainty, Miners make their living crawling underground, risking their lives in order to extract coal and other minerals. This works helps fuel and enrich life above ground.

A major byproduct of underground mining is gas, including methane, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide, just to name a few. Because many of these gases are flammable, explosive, poisonous, or suffocating, the Fire Boss needs to keep mines safe from them.

As a Fire Boss, you’re the first person to enter a mine before and in between shifts. You’re charged with verifying its safety before mining crews commence work, and with maintaining detailed records that catalog the condition of the mine in accordance with state and federal regulations. If and when you find noxious or explosive gas, you address the situation. Potential solutions include pumping air into the mine to dilute the gas, sealing off dangerous portions of the mine to isolate the gas, and installing ventilating fans to clear the gas.

Since you’re the person who’s ultimately in charge of granting or denying mine access, you’ve got a huge responsibility to protect your team.