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Fire Boat Engineer

Keep your boat up and running to help save lives at sea.

What does a Fire Boat Engineer do?

Fire Boat Engineers are responsible for the care, maintenance, cleaning, and performance of fire boats. As a Fire Boat Engineer, you serve alongside, and may report to, the Fire Boat Operator, and assist in vital lifesaving operations at sea. While every member of the fire boat team is responsible for helping those in need and keeping the craft in good working order, you’re especially in touch with the boat. Replacing worn parts, overhauling the motor and power systems, and making sure that fire suppression gear is in tip-top shape all fall within your domain.

You spend every shift as a Fire Boat Engineer engaged in some aspect of maintenance. When the craft has been fully outfitted and inspected, expect to run drills and do test exercises. Having a well-oiled machine (literally) is vital to saving lives out in the field.

Most fire boat crews operate in shifts. Depending on your fire company, you could spend a few days living in the headquarters, then go back to your own home. Fire personnel who live within a certain range of the firehouse (in your case, the dock where the fire boat is housed) may be allowed to live at home full-time.

The fire boat occupies a unique niche in the lifesaving and maritime worlds. The Fire Boat Engineer occupies a similar niche within the emergency services world. Lives depend on your quick thinking and firefighting abilities in the field, but also on your mechanical skills.

You help operate the boat, monitor output and speed, and troubleshoot issues when they come up. If you want a job that tests your mind, body, and will, look no further.