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Fire Battalion Chief



Oversee all the fire stations within a particular area.

What does a Fire Battalion Chief do?

Fire stations in most major cities are organized using familiar military terms. Firefighters work for one station and are managed by a Fire Captain. Many stations work together to serve an area, and that area is managed by a Fire Battalion Chief.

Your workday as a Fire Battalion Chief involves traveling to each fire station you supervise, and looking over the equipment and operations to ensure that they’re up to the company’s standards. It’s also your job as the Fire Battalion Chief to put together a budget for each station, and make sure the station is living within the budget. You may be required to work on 24-hour shifts, with rest breaks at one particular fire station under your command.

When a major emergency occurs, such as a large fire or a biohazard release, you’re in charge of the operation. You determine the best way to handle the emergency, and direct a large crew of Firefighters, police teams, and Emergency Medical Technicians to deal with the issue. After the incident, you write formal reports about what happened, and what can be done to prevent similar problems in the future.

Dealing with a problem of this magnitude can be frightening, but you need to keep your wits about you so you can direct your team effectively. You must be the type who enjoys thrilling workdays, and abhors a boring evening spent in front of the television.

When the public has a question or concern about the fire department, you’re the person who answers the call. You investigate complaints, and inform the news media about the results of your investigation, if needed.

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