Finisher Card Tender

Tend finisher carding machines with tape condensers.

What does a Finisher Card Tender do?

Tends finisher carding machine with tape condenser that cleans and straightens wool, asbestos, or synthetic fibers, and condenses fiber into roving: Observes carding and condensing to detect clogged rollers and breaks in roving ends. Laps broken roving ends over spool to resume winding. Removes broken roving ends that have wound on other than specified spools, using fingers. Doffs full spools of roving, places empty spool in winding position, and wraps roving ends around empty spool to continue winding process. Removes fibers from clogged rollers by hand. Cleans machine, using airhose and rake, and oils moving parts. May feed machine by hand when carding asbestos fiber.