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Finished Stock Inspector

Inspect completed furniture for defects.

What does a Finished Stock Inspector do?

Inspects completed furniture for defects in finish, construction, or upholstery, to ensure conformance with manufacturing standards: Verifies color, pattern, and grade of upholstery, using ticket specifications and shop orders. Inspects upholstery cover for rips in fabric or seams. Feels upholstery padding to determine if padding conforms to specified degree of firmness. Examines wooden surfaces for defects in assembly, wood, or finish. Marks defects with tape. Removes wrinkles, using hand steamer and soil marks, using cleaning fluid. May stamp or mark furniture to indicate acception or rejection. May repair minor defects in finish, using heated blade, wax, lacquer, and stain stick. May be designated according to inspection performed as Finish Inspector; or product inspected as Chair Inspector; Radio-And-Television-Cabinet Inspector; Sofa Inspector.