Finish Patcher

Repair defects in finish of furniture.

What does a Finish Patcher do?

Repairs defects, such as holes, cracks, and scratches, in finish of furniture or furniture stock: Examines each defective article to determine method of repair. Fills holes and cracks with shellac or wax, using heated blade to melt and spread wax and shellac. Removes varnish and smooths cracks and scratches with sandpaper. Applies stain to match furniture surface and varnish to protect surface, using brush or spray gun. Smooths and shapes repaired surface with sandpaper, pumice stone, steel wool, or chisel. Nails, screws, or glues broken or split parts together. Rubs glossy spots with pumice stone and oil, and polishes dull spots with wax to match surrounding finish. Dabs moistened cloth to and presses heated blade against dents and scratches to draw indentations to surface. May chisel out defective sections and replace them with patch matching color and grain.