Fine Arts Photographer

Create photographic works of art.

What does a Fine Arts Photographer do?

Fine Arts Photographers take pictures that are sold as art, meaning that the pictures’ value lies in the Photographers ‘ expression rather than the object they depict. As a Fine Arts Photographer, you are an Artist, and use photographic technology to tell a story, steal a glimpse into someone’s mind, or evoke a visceral emotion. Such work is not easy, for while traditional Artists have control over their in colors, shading, angles, and distances, you must capture all that from a living environment.

Fine Arts Photographers generally strike a balance between setting up shots/arranging positioning and capturing the unexpected changes that occur around you. So if you are taking a picture of a landscape, for example, your photograph might be defined both by the majesty of the scenery, and the bird that is looking at its reflection in the lake.

Your work can be shown in museums and galleries, and you will likely deal with the financial uncertainty that plagues most Artists. To mitigate that uncertainty you need to consider the business side of things, so spend time billing and promoting your work.

But it is for a good cause, as through film you are working to capture the essences of a moment. You can express your perspective of the world, and your creativity and aesthetic discretion flow unchecked through your lens. All of this affords vast amounts of personal satisfaction, and a unique way to show how you perceive your surroundings.