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Fine Arts Packer

Keep valuable pieces of art well maintained and safe from harm.

What does a Fine Arts Packer do?

A Fine Arts Packer protects the treasures of the art world, ensuring that the work of yesterday’s Artists remains whole for tomorrow’s audiences. Falling under the broader category of Museum Technicians and Conservators, a Fine Arts Packer restores, maintains, and prepares objects in museum collections for storage, exhibition, or research.

When you’re a Fine Arts Packer, your work keeps you on your toes as you handle priceless pieces of art – something that also requires a steady hand and unrivaled concentration. You inspect the pieces for signs of damage, and then complete repairs as necessary. Working with the Museum Curator, Historian, and Art Appraiser, you choose between the safest and most effective way of completing repairs and leaving the damage as it is to avoid further trauma. The balance is fragile, and one wrong decision could render an invaluable piece of art worthless.

Keeping track of where each item is located in the museum or in storage requires more than a quick glance around the room and jotting a note on a napkin. Using database software, you’re able to locate an item on a moment’s notice. Your love for the fine arts is also apparent in your work with museum volunteers and Museum Docents, as you share your knowledge of art history, art appreciation, and different types of art.

Your physical strength is put to the test as well. You’re required to lift, bend, stand, and climb repeatedly throughout your day. Holding pieces of history in the palm of their (often gloved) hand is something not everyone can do, so you do it with pride.