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Fine Arts Model

Strike artistic poses for painters, sculptors, or digital artists.

What does a Fine Arts Model do?

A Fine Arts Model poses for Artists, Sculptors, and Designers, serving as the framework behind their masterpieces. But as a Fine Arts Model, you’re more than just a drawing reference; you can also be their inspiration and muse.

If you’ve ever sat down before a blank sheet of paper, armed with nothing but a pencil, you know how hard it is to draw something from memory. An attempt may just end up as a mess of graphite scribbles. Artists use Fine Arts Models to learn how to portray the complicated form that is the human body.

You may be required to pose in little clothing or even in the nude. Artists need to see your form unhampered by baggy jeans and tennis shoes in order to replicate its beauty.

You’re expected to hold poses anywhere from 30 seconds to an hour, and the more flexible your body is, the better. Artists rely on you to help them master complicated positions, stopped in mid-action. You must be wary of every angle of your body and every expression on your face. Imagine yourself as an Actor who has been frozen in time, portraying the raw emotion and energy of the moment.

You’re a practiced mover-graceful and athletic-and there are plenty of artistic venues where you can use your abilities to move, model, and emote. Animators and Game Designers can use you when they’re developing action sequences that might look unrealistic or cheesy without a live reference. Tapping into your imagination, you pose for anything from a frolicking princess to a raging warrior.

The real reward comes when you view the finished product. From charcoal sketches to floor-to-ceiling paintings to the latest, greatest video game sensation, you can see a part of yourself in each piece.