Financial Services Sales Representative

Sell financial services to customers of financial institutions.

What does a Financial Services Sales Representative do?

Sells financial services to customers of financial institution: Develops prospects from current commercial customers, referral leads, and other sources. Contacts prospective customers to present information on available services, such as deposit accounts, lines-of-credit, sales or inventory financing, cash management, or investment services. Determines customers’ financial services needs and prepares proposals to sell services. Reviews business trends and advises customers regarding expected fluctuations. Attends sales and trade meetings to develop new business prospects. May make presentations on financial services to groups to attract new clients. May prepare forms or agreement to complete sale. May evaluate costs and revenue of agreements to determine if they are profitable to continue. May sell services, such as check processing and collecting, record keeping and reporting, trust, investment, or safekeeping services, or products such as travelers checks, to other financial institutions. May solicit businesses to participate in consumer credit card program.