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Financial Reporting Manager



Paint a clear and accurate picture of a company's financial standing.

What does a Financial Reporting Manager do?

A company is a lot like a puzzle: The larger it gets, the more pieces there are; and the more pieces there are, the more complicated the task of putting them all together.

As a Financial Reporting Manager, you’re in charge of putting your company’s financial puzzle together so that external regulators, Auditors and shareholders can see and understand it. Because the pieces by themselves are incomplete, you must assemble them into a holistic — and most importantly, accurate — picture.

To do exactly that, you collect from Financial Reporting Analysts, Accountants and Bookkeepers the puzzle pieces: financial data that includes information about your company’s spending, revenue, receivables and payables.

After aggregation comes assembly, which is where your job becomes extremely important. The “Reporting” part of being a Financial Reporting Manager, involves creating business-critical financial documents, including proxy statements, SEC filings, quarterly earnings reports and annual reports, as well as analyzing those reports in order to make financial recommendations to your company’s board of Directors, which will look to you for advice on tax strategy, financial management and capital growth.

While financial reporting requires focused corporate accounting expertise, the ” Manager ” part of your job demands extraordinary communication skills, as it’s your job to not only produce financial reports, but also to file and present them. As such, you’ll spend part of your workdays managing correspondence with external auditors and explaining financial data points to executives and shareholders.

Essentially, then you are a senior Accountant and own your company’s financial information; if the puzzle’s missing a piece, it’s your job as a Financial Reporting Manager to find it.

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