Financial Institution Vice President

Direct activities of specific function of financial institutions.

What does a Financial Institution Vice President do?

Directs and coordinates, through subordinate managerial personnel, activities of department, region, administrative division, or specific function of financial institution, such as lending, trusts, mortgages, investments, acting under authority and responsibility delegated by corporate executive officer: Coordinates activities of assigned program, such as sales, operations, or electronic financial services, determines methods and procedures for carrying out program, and assists in interpreting policies and practices. Directs or conducts management studies, prepares work load and budget estimates for specified or assigned operations, analyzes operational reports, and submits activity reports. Develops and recommends plans for expansion of programs, operations, and financial activities. May solicit new business or participate in community or service organizations. May authorize loans of specified types and amounts when permitted by institution regulations. May be designated according to type of financial institution as Vice President, Commercial Bank; or according to activity as Vice President, Lending.