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Financial Analyst

financial analyst resume and cover letter


Gather and assess financial data to ensure fruitful deals for your company.

Salary Range

$64,390 - $114,980

Source: U.S. Department of Labor

What does a Financial Analyst do?

Financial analysts gather information and report on prospective deals for their companies. As a financial analyst, you’re immersed in a world of business and numbers as you review financial data for your company and recommend internal changes or external investment strategies.

The job of a financial analyst is very demanding, as it requires many hours logged and much dedication to staying on top of financial trends. On a daily basis you’re responsible for gathering financial data, analyzing it, and putting together spreadsheets, a presentation, and/or a report. Based on your analysis, you put together a plan of action detailing how your company should go about an investment.

Because you are usually the first person to look over new deal opportunities, make sure to check out other information that’s available to you. To do this you should always know what’s going on in the business world in regards to trends and forecasts. You need to know about an industry as well as individual companies if you want to have a solid recommendation when you go to your bosses.

To gather this information you look beyond numbers; you scour newspapers, magazines, websites, and books in order to teach yourself about the market, about your job, and about anything else you can. This position is about survival of the fittest, which will be abundantly apparent when you’re clocking in the 15th hour of your day.

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