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Finance Professor

Teach university students about finance.

What does a Finance Professor do?

The study of finance is the study of business: why companies need money, how they get money, and how they spend money. Those lessons can help students get jobs in the business world, of course, but they can also teach students how to manage their own financial affairs with a bit more skill. A Finance Professor conducts those lessons.

Finance can be a dry subject to students, particularly if they’ve never thought about business accounting in the past. As a Finance Professor, you engage them by discussing current events, world markets, and big businesses. You may demonstrate key components of finance while your students think they’re having a basic discussion about the world as it is today. You’ll try not to smirk when you point out how interesting the topic truly is.

You choose books for your students to read, and assign them specific chapters to study by a certain deadline. You also give them quizzes and tests to make sure they truly are completing the readings and paying attention in class. You try not to take it personally if your students struggle, and you stay in your office for several hours each day so they can come to you for extra help. At the end of the course, you give each student a grade.

As a Finance Professor, you have responsibilities outside the classroom as well. You sit on committees at your school. You may also be asked to attend athletic competitions, wearing your school colors and face paint. And you may be required to talk to prospective students at recruitment fairs, telling them how wonderful your school is and how hopeful you are to see them in your future classes.