Finance Manager Career Information

What skills do hiring managers look for in finance managers?

Finance managers are important to the success of companies in all types of industries. The top skills for include accounting, financial reporting, budgets, financial analysis, and forecasting.

Finance manager education & background

Most positions require at least a bachelor’s degree as a minimum requirement. Economics majors are more popular than business and commerce majors. Additionally, accounting is the favored degree in this field compared to other majors such as business administration and finance.

Which industries and companies do finance managers typically work in?

Finance managers are important to the success of many companies in a wide variety of industries. They are more commonly employed in financial services and automotive industries. The sidebar on this page includes popular companies for finance managers to work at.

Top locations for finance manager jobs

Office location and the cost of living may also be an important factor when deciding on a career path because some industries may be region specific. Finance managers often find employment opportunities in high cost of living cities such as New York, Chicago, and Boston.

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