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Final Installer-Inspector

Install attachments in fold-out-top campers and inspect campers.

What does a Final Installer-Inspector do?

Installs attachment in fold-out-top campers and inspects campers preparatory to shipment, using handtools and portable power tools: Fits mattress and pad in specified location in camper. Spreads canvas fold-out top over camper body and attaches top to body, using staple gun and pop-rivet tool. Zips prefabricated door into fold-out top. Opens and closes top to test ease of movement and folds top into camper body. Hooks up water system hose to outlet and reads gauges to detect leaks in system. Turns faucet to test operation of camper water system. Connects electrical cord to camper outlet and tests lights, outlets, and refrigerator to ensure conformance to standards. Examines interior paneling, cabinets, linoleum flooring, and fixtures to determine that components meet company specifications and have been installed according to work orders. Attaches inspection tag to camper, listing any defects in unit. Routes defective unit to repair department and pushes completed unit to shipping area.