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Final Assembler

Assemble, install, and adjust a variety of electromechanical units.

What does a Final Assembler do?

Assembles, installs, and adjusts variety of electromechanical units, such as feed drives, control key assemblies, and printing units, on new and rebuilt punched card office machines according to blueprints and written specifications, using handtools, assembly fixtures, and test devices: Reads blueprints to determine position of unit and component parts. Positions components in assembly fixture. Assembles unit and mounts it on office machine frame, using screwdrivers and wrenches. Starts machine and adjusts unit for specified clearances and time cycles, using fixed gauges, test lights, and handtools. Inspects machine to verify that optional equipment changes have been made according to customer order. May operate electric hoist to position unit on office machine frame.